Special Operators Set to Pick Light Machine Gun in New Caliber

U.S. extraordinary tasks authorities are set to choose another automatic rifle before long to give shooters .50-type like execution in a lightweight assault rifle bundle, as per the program chief for exceptional activities lethality.

Armed force Lt. Col. Tosh Lancaster said here Tuesday during the Unique Activities Powers Week meeting that Exceptional Tasks Order will choose its supposed Lightweight Medium Assault rifle, or LWMMG, by Oct. 1.

First reported in 2017, the task zeroed in on the .338 Norma Magnum to furnish shooters with additional distance and deadly punch in a weapon that one individual could convey and utilize.

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The .338 Norma Magnum is another section into military tasks. The three organizations vieing for the agreement are Ohio Weapons Works; Sig Sauer; and a Genuine Speed and Lonestar Future Weapons group.

Lancaster recently said the weapon is booked for handling in monetary 2026. Sig Sauer lately won the Particular Handgun Framework agreement to give a 9 mm sidearm to all tactical branches as well as the Military's Cutting edge Crew Weapon rifle and programmed rifle contract.

Organizations conveyed three weapons each in February and a sum of twelve each in late April for perseverance testing, as per records. Essential details of the Lightweight Medium Automatic rifle from the contenders are.

RPK-74 light machine gun and its modifications

Ohio Weapons Works Force Upgraded Programmed Accuracy Rifle, or REAPR: a 26.8-pound, 54.5-inch weapon with a pace of discharge of 550 rounds to 660 rounds each moment.

Sig Sauer's MG 338: a 24.1-pound, 50-inch weapon with a pace of shoot of 600 rounds each moment. || Genuine Speed's Backlash Moderation 338: a 25-pound, 49-inch weapon with a pace of discharge surpassing 500 rounds each moment.

U.S. troops started seeing reach constraints in Afghanistan with their M240 automatic rifles, loaded in 7.62 mm, that arrived at around 1,500 meters. The M2 .50-type automatic weapon could arrive at farther, up to 2,000 meters.

However weighs 84 pounds. Weapons and ammo specialists in the Military, Marine Corps and other government bunches started assessing the little arms set-up of ammo and stages as those reports arose.

Special operators set to pick light machine gun in new caliber

One explicit exertion on the .338 incorporated the Sporadic Fighting Specialized Help Directorate. In 2021, Armed force marksmen started utilizing the .338 Norma Magnum for the MK22 Accuracy.

Expert sharpshooter Rifle; SOCOM has handled a high level marksman rifle that can shoot the .338 Norma Magnum,.300 Norma Magnum or 7.62 mm with barrel changes.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the new military light machine gun?

The XM250 light automatic rifle includes a free-drifting built up M-LOK handguard for direct embellishment connection onto the "negative space" (empty opening) mounting focuses. An official from Post Campbell fires a XM250. The XM250 started handling in Walk 2024.

What caliber do special forces use?

Made by Naysayer and Koch, the HK416 is a superior presentation improved attack rifle. The weapon utilizes 5.56mm ammo and can be discharged really up to 600m. The size of the weapon is 74mm wide and 240mm high, with a barrel length of 279mm, and a load of 6.87lbs.

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Is FG 42 a light machine gun?

The FG 42 had the force of a light assault rifle. It was light and was no bigger than the Kar 98k manual rifle. The FG 42 is believed to be one of the most exceptional weapons of The Second Great War. It assisted shape the cutting edge attack with rifling thought.

Do special forces prefer .45 or 9mm?

All NATO nations are given the standard 9mm for the fight to come use. A portion of the exceptional powers bunches are permitted to pick their own weapons and in the event that they feel it is suitable for the mission, may pick the . 45 ACP.