Boeing Resuming 787 Dreamliner Deliveries After Suspension

In late January, Boeing suspended deliveries of the 787, which wasn’t good news for airlines relying on these new planes to operate their schedules. The good news is that Boeing has just received the untried light to resume these deliveries. Let’s go over the nuts of what happened.

Boeing 787 deliveries elapsed due to “analysis error”

In late January, Boeing suspended deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner, so that the visitor can do spare wringer on a fuselage component. The visitor hasn’t delivered a 787 since January 26, and it couldn’t resume deliveries until it could show the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that it has resolved the issue.

During this period, Boeing has unfurled production of the 787, and hasn’t predictable that the issue would require spare work on the planes. Here’s how Boeing described this in a statement:

“In reviewing certification records, Boeing discovered an wringer error by our supplier related to the 787 forward pressure bulkhead. We notified the FAA and have paused 787 deliveries while we well-constructed the required wringer and documentation.”

“There is no firsthand safety of flight snooping for the in-service fleet. We are communicating with our customers and will protract to follow the lead of the FAA. While near-term deliveries will be impacted, at this time we do not visualize a transpiration to our production and wordage outlook for the year.”

Boeing hasn’t delivered a 787 Dreamliner in weeks

Boeing can now resume 787 deliveries

As reported by Reuters, there’s a positive minutiae here. The FAA has today tried Boeing resuming 787 deliveries as of next week. Boeing has completed the wringer needed to personize that watercraft meet requirements, and no remoter production or squadron whoopee is required to meet FAA standards.

Boeing is now coordinating with customers to resume 787 deliveries.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner deliveries can finally resume

Boeing 787 deliveries had only recently resumed

Boeing hasn’t been having much luck with delivering 787s in a timely fashion. In May 2021, Boeing had to suspend deliveries of the 787, and deliveries only resumed in August 2022, so that lasted for well over a year.

That issue was due to production flaws related to gaps between panels of the carbon-composite fuselage. In wing to the production issues as such, the other problem was in regards to the FAA’s oversight of the wordage of these jets, so a increasingly transparent and regulated inspection process had to be figured out there as well. Even prior to that, Boeing moreover had to suspend deliveries for five months in 2020.

While it’s normal for there to be some delays with watercraft manufacturing and wordage (given how ramified it is), Boeing hasn’t had much luck the past several years between its 737 MAXs and 787 Dreamliners. Fortunately the issues this time virtually didn’t last for nearly as long.

Airlines are relying on these new planes to operate their schedules

Bottom line

For the past several weeks, Boeing has had to halt deliveries of the 787, due to an “analysis error” by a supplier related to the forward pressure bulkhead. Fortunately this issue has now been resolved, and the FAA has given Boeing permission to resume 787 deliveries as of next week.

It’s normal for airlines to plan their networks based on future watercraft deliveries, so it’s good that the wait here didn’t last longer this time around.

What do you make of deliveries of the Boeing 787 once then stuff resumed?