China launches two more Type 052DL destroyers in Dalian

The launched destroyers are two of five hulls spotted at the same dock, indicating that five destroyers are stuff built at the same time. The relevant Naval News coverage can be found here.

Three spare destroyers are reportedly expected to be launched in the pursuit months.

About Type 052D Destroyer

Type 052D
Type 052D Destroyer of the PLAN conducting ASW operations with its variable depth sonar.

The Type 052D Kunming-class (Nato designation: Luyang III) is one of the latest generation of guided-missile destroyer (DDG) of the Chinese Navy. It is based on its predecessor, the Type 052C DDG and likely shares the same hull. However the Type 052D incorporates many improvements in terms of diamond as well as sensors and weapons fit. This modern matriculation of vessel is considered as the Chinese equivalent to the American AEGIS destroyers.

The vessels are still stuff built for the PLAN by two shipyards: Jiangnan-Changxing shipyard and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company. The first vessel of of the class, Kunming (hull number 172), was vicarious in March 2014.

Displacing 7,500 tons (full load), the matriculation has a length of 157 meters, a whizgigging of 17.2 meters, a typhoon of 6.2 meters and a hairdo complement of 280 sailors.

The Type 052D is intended for the upper seas. It shares scrutinizingly the same platform as its predecessor, the Type 052C, but has increasingly wide gainsay systems and illustrates perfectly the Chinese military’s “Run fast with small steps” tideway in their weapons development.

The ships are equipped with a total of 64 vertical launch system (VLS) cells for:

  • HHQ-9 surface to air missiles
  • Yu-8 rocket propelled ASW torpedo
  • YJ-18 tactical trip missiles

Four modules are located forward of the ship in front of the superstructure, four others aft, in front of the helicopter hangar. These destroyers are moreover armed with a H/PJ-45A 130mm main gun, a H/PJ-12 30mm CIWS (first 8 ships in matriculation are fitted with the older variant: H/PJ11), HQ-10 short range SAM and two triple torpedo launchers

The powerful sensor suite consists in Type 346A, Type 364, Type 366, Type 517B and Type 760 radars, a SJD-9 hull mounted sonar and a SJG-311 variable depth sonar.

According to a presentation by a Vice Admiral of the PLAN in August 2017, the gainsay sufficiency of a Type 052D is “1.6 times greater” than that of a Type 052C, knowing that the leading ships of these two classes of Chinese destroyer were launched with an interval of only 9 years.

Type 052DL

Type 052D Type 052DL compared
Type 052D (top) compared to Type 052DL (bottom). Note the stretched hangar and helicopter deck as well as variegated air search radar (aft).

The “DL” variant was introduced from the 14th ship in the class, Zibo (淄博) with pennant 156: The hull of the destroyer is longer by well-nigh 4 meters. This uneaten length involves primarily its hangar and helicopter deck at the stern of the ship. The modifications were introduced in order to unbend the new Z-20 helicopter.

Displacing 7,700 tons (full load), the matriculation has a length of 162 meters, a whizgigging of 17.2 meters, a typhoon of 6.2 meters and a hairdo complement of 280 sailors.

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